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Hillside Stables Services
At Hillside Stables, we offer a great riding program. we have trainers that are great with all types of students. Form beginners to the experienced equestrian. we have an instructor that can teach you want you are willing to learn. We have three trainers to better serve your needs. Beth Siemon works with the intermediate to the advanced riders. Kristopher Siemon works with beginner riders but also has a talent for our younger riders of all skill levels. Kay Davis works well with beginners that have the basic's to intermediate riders. 

Basic Riding lesson 
Kris Flat rate 35.00
Beth Siemon Rate 40.00 flat lesson 
jumping lessons are 45.00
​2 90 min orientation lessons required for all new clients $180
Lesson packs are always available and monthly rates 
One a week lessons are $120.00 a month.
Twice a week lessons are $200.00 and include one jumping lessons and one flat lessons per-week (riders skill level permitting) with Home work packets to continue your knowledge off the horse!  (optional)

Here at Hill side stables we love our family and will treat you as part of our family 

Also new is our New to horse ownership classes these classes are to teach basic horse owner ship like costs, when to call a vet, when to call your trainer, and basic skills to deal with your horse by your self. classes are held by Beth Siemon once a week and are 35.00 per hour.